To build a strong African Student community in Europe that will serve as a bridge between Africa and Europe thereby serving as an economic, social and cultural instrument for the growth and development of the African continent.

Everyone has untapped potential


We are passionate in our belief that every African student in Europe that is engaged in global debate about Africa possesses the power to solve Africa’s toughest problems such as corruption, mismanagement and conflicts. To ensure the active engagement of our members we got the follow program pillars: 

  • Leadership training
  • Intellectual discourse (debate tournament)
  • Cultural events
  • Social and educational support for members
  • Fight hate speech online and offline
  • Human rights education
  • International internships....

Previous event:


In collaboration with the Council of Europe, we organised a consultative meeting on the 7th February, 2013 addressing the issue of hate speech online. The event took place at the Law faculty of KU Leuven. 

In addition, we also had a Kofi Annan Intellectual Forum event - on the 5th July, 2013 -  in which we talk about seeking solutions to the challenges the African continent is facing.